10 Must Have HVAC Website Design Features for a Successful Website


All home and commercial properties have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems installed, making HVAC contractors a critical demand. At the same time, people have many options since there are so many contractors. In today’s technology-driven world, most people use online search engines to find contractors, which means the success of your business also depends on website visibility in search engines. In turn, website visibility depends on the quality of the website and the quality of the website depends on design features.

There are many features that help HVAC contractors and company websites attract search engines and customers. Listing all of the information about your services and company will  increase inquiries about your business as well as the conversion ratio. Below we discuss the top 10 website sectionsthat will make your website stand out from the crowd.

1. HVAC Services – On the Internet, people search for their specific requirements. For instance, if a homeowner needs indoor air quality diagnostic, then he will not search specifically for HVAC contractors. He will mostly likely use the key words “indoor air quality diagnostic.” Instead of just listing that you provide HVAC contractor services, you must also show all of the specific services you provide.

Additionally, don’t list all of the services on a single page. Use different pages to highlight the different services.For instance, you can divide your services into HVAC Installation, Replacement, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality Diagnostic, Emergency Services, etc.

You can further categorize each service listed in order to make it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for on your website and for search engines to better understand your website. For example, within the HVAC Installation service, you can list different products. Within the troubleshooting service, you can list different issues you provide that service for.

Your website should have all of the services you provide along with proper descriptions and easy navigation so search engines can give it a good value and include your website in related searches. This increases traffic and results in more business.

2.Financing Options – HVAC installation is not a small investment. And for large expenses, people always look for financing options. If your company can help in this area, then you will be a step ahead of other contractors in getting more customers.

If you are offering financing options, include a special page for it with all the necessary information to help potential clients understand the process. Add this page link on the menu, preferably near the services link, to make sure it stands out and is easy to access.

3.HVAC Certification– We all want to hire a professional with extensive experience for any service. In the same way, people want to make surethey are contracting with a professional HVAC company or contractor. Including HVAC certifications will help them understand that.

There are different certifications for different areas of expertise, such as Professional-Level Technician Certifications, Master Specialists, and Hands on Certifications. Showing certifications for the contractor and/or team will increase credibility and increase the chance of inquiries.

4.Information About Builders – A successful website provides more business. HVAC contractors know how much regular business they can gain from home and commercial builders since they always need HVAC experts for new installations. Creating a special page for builders that discusses the service you can provide will lead to new steady contracts. Not many HVAC contractors include this section, but it’s an opportunity you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

5.HVAC Units Information – With the advancements in technology, the design and functionality ofheating and cooling machines is changing. Because of this, people want to install the latest units to avoid needing replacement for a long time. To help your potential buyer have a clear understanding about the quality of products, you can include a page on the website that discusses the heating and cooling unit options you offer along with star rating, efficiency, size, etc.

6.HVAC Process– It is important for any contractor to inform the client of the complete process beforehand. With HVAC installation, for example, it’s important to let your client know:

  • When your team will arrive.
  • How many team members will work there; you may also want to assure them that all members have had background checks and drug tests and will treat your family with courtesy.
  • An apprHVAC-website-design-featuresoximated time of completion for the installation or replacement.
  • Instructions for operating the machine once the installation is completed.

This information directly affects the property owner and his family life. Having this information up front will assure them they are selecting the right company.

7.Schedule Service Option – Sinceour main objective is  to make the website convenient for the client, we must always apply call-to-action buttons in the right places. At the end of every page, include a Schedule Service button that allows your client to quickly set up an appointment.

Always make the schedule service form simple without requiring too much information from the client. Always ask for the phone number so you can contact them later if you need additional information. It is also recommended to list your phone number at the top of each page for quicker connection.

8. Listing Client Feedbacks – People are very interested in readingclient reviews and it plays a big role in getting the business. Creating a feedback section for clients in the web design is a good idea. These days, video feedback is becoming quite popular, but written feedback also works. Ask your client to write a review about the quality of the work, the behavior of the team, and the level of support since that’s what people looking for contractors really want to know.

9. FAQ – Before making a major investment for a heating and cooling feature, potential customers will have a lot of questions. Although some may be covered throughout the website, there will be a number of frequently asked questions. For example, questions for the new installation of HVAC may include:

  • How to replace an existing heating and AC unit.
  • How to choose a right HVAC system
  • Common age of a system

There are also many more. Perform your own analysis by visiting competitor websites to get an idea of what clients want to know more about.

10. Terms of Service– Terms of service (TOS) is required for the safe sell on any service or e-commerce site. In the TOS, you can add all the rules and conditions regarding your services. List it in a visible place where people will easily spot it. This is a good thing to include for yourself and your client.

Each contractor has a business plan, which should help you determine your required website features. You can use some or all of the above options to suit your business and web page development needs. And if you think of any other important features, please let us know in the comments section.

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