5 Important Factors for Designing a Professional Roofing Website

roofing_Website_designWebsites should be convenient  for the visitor, but how?

We know that when a user searches for a roofing contractor for repair or new roof installation he will have many questions, like pricing, selection of roofing, material used, etc.  So in short, the website that answers all of the user’s questions and also looks professional will get the business.

Just having a website can’t increase your contracts a professional and fully functional website is what can increase your business. There are many factors that matter for a roofer’s website. Here we will discuss the 5 top features of a website, which will help you get more and more leads.

1. Types &Designs of Roofing – When a user thinks about roof installation, he probably is not sure which type of roof he will need. Most people just know about flat and pitched roofs, so showing all types of roof options you can work with, and their designs, like arched, hip, pyramid, etc., can help the user select the most suitable roof for him.

Also, listing the materials with each type of roof option will help the user understand more about roofing. Show images and pros/cons of each type of roofing so the user can select one according to his requirement. This page, also called the services page, is the main section of any roofing website.

Writing about every service we can provide and every material/type we can work with shows experience in the field.

2. Roofing Estimate – Users mostly want to get an idea about the price for roofing before proceeding further. Since roofing installation cost depends on many elements like area, slope, complexity, type, design and material, the best thing to do without making it too complex is providing a price range.

Some websites provide a calculator visitors can use to get an estimated price, but the cost varies from company to company. Designing a web page that gives an approximate idea about prices will generate more queries. As an advanced option, you can ask your web designer to create a simple calculator your visitors can use for easy calculation.

3. Free Inspection–Most people know very little about roofing. Offering users a free inspection when they visit the website works well for gaining new business. It’s good for both the user and roofer because the user will be able to directly discuss his needs with a professional and clear up all his questions. When you talk with him face to face, the chances of him becoming a customer will increase.

According to surveys, usually 3% of visitors contact with website owner with questions. A free inspection option, however, will greatly increase the number of users that contact your company. It will then be in your hands to close the deal.


4. Question &Answers – Besides the questions about materials/types, visitors will also have other questions like:

  • Is there any annual maintenance cost?
  • How much time will installation take?
  • Is there any guarantee?
  • How can I claim for insurance? Can you help with it?

Adding a Question/Answer Section or Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) works well. Also, there is no need to write all that much just write short entries. If required, connect it with roofing_Websiteother website pages and the chances of contact will increase. There are also a few questions with answers that depend on special requirements of the user, so write general information and tell your visitors to contact you for a quick reply on the special requirement.

5. Professional Design &Navigation –The design of a business website, like a website for roofing, should be clean with light colors. There should be no Flash or music or dusky backgrounds. A simple website looks more professional and gains more credibility with the user.

Most websites use all links in the main menu, which is not the best approach. Instead, add main section links on the menu and related links on a sections sidebar. Add navigation in a way that connects each page with its related page so users will browse more and more pages. This will decrease bounce rate. When a user spends more time on a website, chances of being contacted increases.

These features will not just increase sales but also increase value in search engines. All features we discussed above are also highly searched by users and listing them on your roofing website will also boost your search engine ranking for these keywords.

Although roofing website construction looks like normal website construction, the above points should make it clear that it is actually much different. Make sure to use an experienced roofing website developer who will know all the needs of your website.

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