5 Ways to make your HVAC Website more Search Engine Friendly

HVAC-Website-Search-Engine-OPtimization These days, it has really become almost necessary to find a proper service provider of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or as people call it – HVAC services. In this already busy life, people do not get enough time to look after the ventilation, heating and air conditioning of their personal property. This is the reason why they seek professional assistance from HVAC contractors. In such a situation, if your HVAC business is not powered by a website then your business may lag behind in the competition. In addition, it is also essential to empower your website with the latest SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques. Through this article, we will let you know how to make your HVAC website more effective by incorporating HVAC Website SEO techniques. So, take a look below.

1. Domain Name
Selecting a relevant domain name for HVAC Contractor website is really the most critical part of the entire process. The name you choose for your HVAC business has a direct effect on the popularity and presence of the website among the potential audience. Therefore, it is really important that the name you select for the domain must be related to the business, so that audience can easily find your website during their search process through search engine. You should keep the name short, relevant and easy to recall, minus any kind of complexity. Your domain name should contain words like HVAC, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. This will help in improving the ranking of your website in search engine results.

2. Targeting Keywords
After you are done with domain selection and have started website development, it is the time to focus on the selection of keywords. You should focus on the keywords you need to incorporate in your website’s content, Meta tags, descriptions, title, etc. Quite obviously, the keywords should be the most searched or looked through words in the world of internet, such as ‘air conditioning and heating’, ‘air conditioner units’, ‘heating air’, ‘furnace’, ‘cooling and heating’, ‘ac air conditioning’, ‘trane’, ‘air con’, and many more. You should focus on the monthly volume search of any keyword before using it in your website’s content. In addition, you should also use your city or state as they keyword, or you can simply attach both of them to create a new keyword, such as ‘your city + air conditioning’. One more thing Local HVAC Business needs to consider is that some air conditioner brands are more popular in certain areas or region. Therefore, before you use the name of the brand as a keyword, make sure it is doing a decent business in the region where you are providing your services.


Sitemap-Creation-submission3. Sitemap creation and submitting in search Engines
 The ranking of your HVAC website with the search engines like Google and Yahoo also depends on the sitemap of your website. No doubt, it is absolutely crucial to index or list your web pages as it Google algorithms or search engine robots allot better rank to sites with indexed pages.  On the other hand, sitemaps basically make it easy for the visitors to browse through your website. It provides them a simple way to find any web pages they would like to visit. In fact, it also allows the Google robot view how pages like the ones in the 4th and 5th level go well with your HVAC site. In case you establish a connection between your homepage and your sitemap page then each and every web page of your website will be quite close to your home page. And, Google robots consider it as a good SEO technique. You can create the sitemap of your HVAC website with XML or Extensible Markup Language, and you have to edit it in the text editor before submitting the edited sitemap to Google.

4. Image Optimization
When it comes to add pictures or images on your HVAC website, there are few SEO factors you need to remember. The file size of the image should be as small as possible, but you should also consider quality aspect. Secondly, keep the file name similar to any targeted keyword, such as air con, air conditioner, heating, etc. This will surely improve your website’s rank.

5. Improve website speed
There are some effective ways to improve your website’s speed, such as leverage browser caching, enable Keep-Alive, enable gzip compression, and by caching landing page redirects. It is really important to keep your site as fast as possible, because slow loading site can really kill viewer’s interest.

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