6 Mandatory Features of Contractor Websites

Contractors-Main-ArticleEvery contractor—whether a handyman, plumber, painter, electrician, interior designer, or anyone in construction-related work—needs a website to get more contracts.He/she needs a business-generating website as opposed to just having a website to showcase previous work. And the difference between these two types of websites is within the features of web design, the type of information provided on the website, and search engine rankings.

Let’s discuss the top 6 mandatory contractor web design features and their effect on turning website browsers and visitors into buyers.

1. Contractor Services
When people search for a contractor, they are either looking for an individual (1099) or a company as well as either a general contractor or a specialized one. Your website should state if you work individually, if you have a team, etc. If you specialize in a certain area, like plumbing or roofing, make sure your entire website reflects that area of specialization instead of just presenting yourself as simply a contractor. Although it seems like a simple suggestion, a lot of contractors make this mistake, which also contributes to poor search engine ranking results.

2. Contractor License and Insurance
These two points are at the top of the list during the selection of a contractor. Since license numbers can easily be verified on state licensing board websites, listing your license number increases your credibility with visitors. And if you have insurance, which protects the homeowner and your workers, then you should also highlight this on the website because it gives potential buyers a better sense of security.

3. Website Content
Contractors can’t afford to ignore search engines because they are the main source of traffic. The number of visitors depends on the number and relevancy of keywords on your website. Basic SEO is the process of effectively telling search engines about your services. There is no special language for it; just write about all of your services in detail on your website. Instead of just creating one page with one line per service, create separate pages with comprehensive details you think a customer would need to know before deciding to start a contract.


4. Image Gallery
If you take photos on-site during the projects or with clients, make sure to include some in the website gallery section. This will create a connection between you and the potential buyer. As we all know, an image is worth a thousand words, and the same applies here. This creates an impression with your visitors about your team, your way of working, your professionalism, etc. Ultimately, this can help them in making a decision about starting a contract with you.

5. About You
It is very rare for website owners to write about themselves or their mission in life and work. Doing this really creates a connection between the potential customer and the website owner. Make it a point to write about yourself, your company, your goals, and your commitment to customer satisfaction. In a few words, you can show visitors how serious you are about your work and the importance of good service. These are the types of things a potential client needs to know.

6. Completed Jobs
When listing previous projects, contractors usually only show a few images. This, however, doesn’t provide your visitors with enough scope. Instead of just showing images, list the requirements, the length of the project, the area, and a testimonial from the client. This provides a more detailed view of what you have done. Continue adding jobs and examples to your website on a regular basis. Business websites are not met to be created and forgotten; they need regular maintenance and updates. If you are unable to do this, you can always use a developer to take care of it.

Perhaps you are wondering who has the time to create and manage a website. However, if you don’t take advantage of today’s online world, your competitors will get all of the clients. If you want a good search engine rank, you should be updating your website to make sure it provides all of the necessary information. You should also include your contact number on all pages so they can quickly make contact.

Web design is an art. You need to think like a client and figure out what your visitors would want to know before selecting you. What would impress a client? Using a few key business strategies on your homepage will go a long way. Yes, it takes a good amount of time to develop a successful website, but once it starts bringing in clients, it will become a primary, reliable, and consistent source of business. Can you afford to lose this opportunity?

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