8 Key Features of Furniture Website Design: Things to Know Before Developing a Website

furniture_website_design1People always invest good money to decorate their homes with designer furniture. A few years ago, it was a time-consuming and tiring task to search stores located far from home to find suitable furniture, but now the scenario has changed. Now, people can search for their furniture online. They browse loads of furniture designs through online furniture stores and order them online.
All home decorators, interior and furniture designers and store owners know the value of a website. If they don’t have a website, then surely they are losing loads of business because websites are becoming a necessary part of any business as a top source of new costumers.
But all furniture websites don’t succeed among online competitors. This is why web design features are important to make the website better than others and help convert visitors into clients for more sales.
Furniture website development is not like just any website design. There are many components for making a perfect furniture website. I am listing top 8 of them.

1. Design Colors –Simple and pleasing design colors always increase the interest of the visitor. Try to use a color scheme throughout the whole website and, if possible, use those colors in the logo to help your website look like a brand. Also, avoid using Flash in your design because it will decrease your website rank in search engines and many visitors usually find it annoying.
If you have furniture of very specific colors, then inform the web designer about this so he can use colors in the website that increases the effectiveness of the presentation.
The proper use of colors and structure for the website gives a good first Impression, and we all know the importance of first impressions.

2. Managed Product Catalogue – Easy navigation is required so users can understand the flow of the website. It becomes necessary when there are a lot of different kinds of furniture products. A few options are:

  •  Listing main product categories in the top menu
  •  Listing related products in the product description page
  •  Including a search section on the top of each page

Site map options also help visitors check all available products and other features of the website.

3. Offers and Deals Section– Buyers love offers. Actually, most users search online just for offers, so it’s good to have a deals section showing today’s deals or the latest deals. Also, use a good-sized offer banner on the home page so all users see it at first glance. If you don’t have any offers, you may really want to consider it because it will surely increase the conversion rates of your website.

4. Subscribe Box–It’s hard to include all furniture designs online. If a visitor doesn’t find what they are looking for, he will most likely leave the website and browse another one. And there is good chance he will forget about your website. Staying connected with visitors will help you get more business and also serves as a social network base. To help with this, create a subscriber box showing something like “Subscribe with us to get auto updates on new arrivals.”This will help you connect with all potential customers while at the same time allowing you to build your own email list, which you can use in many ways to sell more and more products.

furniture_website-features5. Hot Selling Products Section – If a website has asection for highest-selling products, the visitor will most likely look at it, and there’sgood chance that he will a buy a product from that section. Since those products are the best based on colors or criteria, they have already sold many times. People give importance to the highest-selling products, which is why listing a bestselling furniture section in the sidebar of your website is a big plus for sales.

6. Quick Action Links–Adding buy buttons or contact links in every possible place is a basic technique of all retail and service websites. Many webmasters build good websites, but they usually lack in converting the traffic. Eye-catching quick action buttons in proper locations always help get more sales because it’s basically directing the customer to the payment page to buy the product.

7. Provide Good Information– When we go into furniture stores, we always get a representative who tells us everything about the furniture. Online, however, there is usually only a product description available. The descriptions should be complete with details like type of wood, fabric, dimensions, type of design, features, colors and brand. There should also be images from different angles and, if possible, a picture of the furniture in a well-furnished room so the buyer can get a good idea of what it will look like. All of this information is to satisfy buyer so that he knows everything about the product and can decide if it’s a perfect fit for purchase.

8. Buy through Store Option–Many buyers check online stores to find the best product, but they sometimes want to buy the product from an offline store. For these instances, remember 3 things:

  1. Add a Buy through Store button on the product page or in the cart.
  2. Show them your store location through a Google map and address.
  3. Ask for their phone number or email before leaving so you can follow up with them

With all this competition, we can’t afford to leave a single user behind. Our target is to turn the maximum number of website visitors into buyers. Having just a website, however, doesn’t help achieve this. It is absolutely necessary to have a full-featured website, and these 8 features will surely help.

If you guys have any other ideas, please include your suggestions in the comments below.

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