How to Select a Niche – 6 Key points to remember

Just like choosing between a business or job is important, selecting a niche also matters. it can be a life-changing decision. Many business failures are a result of selecting the wrong niche. Here we will provide suggestions and tips to help you understand the best way to proceed. Some businesses need small investments while others need big investments. Some businesses only help you pay bills and some can make you rich. Some ventures require only a few hours a week while some need 10 hours a day or much more. […]

Thinking About Launching an Online Business? A Reality Check: Myth and Facts

Most of us start online businesses without knowing all the facts. We think it’s really easy to earn money online compared to offline businesses, but the reality is quite different. Is it easy? – It’s like an offline business—not at all easy, especially when so many people are trying to earn online and almost all niches (that I can think of) are saturated. There is tremendous competition in this area, which means you need to work extra hard. Is it a quick earning option? – If you have limited time […]

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