Complete Website Construction Guide For Newbies

Website-Construction   The number of online users is increasing daily, which means that developing a website is a good way to get more customers. Nowadays people love to buy products and services online because it’s so easy. This makes it necessary to promote your business, service, products or work online. Even the selling radius has increased, allowing you to sell your service or products nationwide or even worldwide. Websites are created for a lot of reasons, even if it’s to share your opinions, experience or personal life with the world through a personal website.

To make an online presence you need your own web page. Before you start building a website, however, it’s important to the know basics of website construction. Here I will provide details about the complete process and all required elements for constructing a website. This will also help you get the best website possible at a reasonable price as you know what you need after understanding this.
Just like a business, all websites have different requirements. There are three major types of websites:

  1. Personal Website
  2. Ecommerce Website
  3. Company Website

There are many other types of websites, such as membership websites, social media websites, directories, affiliate websites, blogs and vlogs, but we will focus on the major types, which are explained below.

Personal Website – Also commonly known as blog, which is developed to express opinions, ideas and experience you want to share with others. A website that is solely related to you is a personal website.

Ecommerce Website – A website where you can sell products or your services online. It is also called an online store or shop. The Website has inbuilt Payment Gateway so Buyer can Buy products online and also a Inventory Management System. Whether you sell stationary items, Food or provide home remodeling services, an eCommerce website is necessary to increase your sales.

Company Website – A website used by a company, organization or small business to provide information about company services, history, showcase (or portfolio), contact information, etc.
Hopefully now you have a better idea of which type of website fits your requirements. The next section discusses the basic components needed to develop a website.

Components of Constructing Website

Domain Name
A domain name or website name is an address on the web used to reach your website. For example, and are domain names. There are many domain registrars, such as and, through which you can register your domain.

There are also many domain extensions, or top-level domains (TLDs), which are related to country, type of website (Like Education Sites or Organization site), etc. Examples of domain extensions, ‘.net’, ‘.org’, ‘.biz’ and ‘.us’. Based on my personal experience, I recommend using a .com extension because there are no limitations with it and search engines give it priority.

Remember to make your domain name reflect your business or niche. This will help your rankings on search engines, which is important because search engines like Google are the main source of traffic.

Cost of Domain Name
Nowadays, adomain name usually costs$10-$15 per year from different registrars. Yeah, that’s the yearly price. You need to renew the domain every year or it will otherwise expire and become available again to the public for purchase as an unregistered domain. Because of this, it’s better to select an auto renew option.

Website Hosting
Website hosting is like a home for your website and where it is installed. There are many hosting providers out there, but I personally suggest I have been using them for the last six years because they provide the best support, ensure 100% uptime and use the latest tech servers for all average packages.

Hosting Cost
Hosting providers charge a monthly fee. For one website, the average hosting fee can startat$5 per month from good hosting providers with higher rates including more technology features.

Website Construction Cost

Website-construction-costDeveloping a website is just like building a home or office, so the cost totally depends on the required features of the website. There are many requirements to consider, such asa static or dynamic website, mobile compatibility, multimedia integration, content needs, membership features, payment receiving ability and admin management functionality. Requirements are different for each niche, and each featureincreases the price of the website.

Let’s first discuss basic website pricing. A basic personal website will cost $250-$450. This includes basic features so you can add and share thoughts, images, videos, etc.

A basic and simple small business(Company) website with five pages costs$300-$500 and includes features like about us, services, privacy policy, contact us and work samples/portfolio.

An eCommerce website with basic shop features costs$400-$700. With this type of website, you can list products with essential details, users can browse products, and integration of payment gateways so users can buy products online.

The look and feel is the heart of any website because it serves as a first impression. The quality of your website also increases your credibility and encourages your visitors to buy the service or product. With that said, however, it is also important to point out that a good design with cool graphics always costs extra.

Mobile Web Design Cost

A website with responsive functionality means the website fits itself on all devices and provides seamless browsing. These days, mobile-based Internet usage is vastly increasing. Surveys say that by 2014 the number of mobile users will exceed the number desktop/laptop users. Because of this, we can’t afford to forget this responsive feature when creating websites.
Yes, this feature will cost extra. It also depends on the size and features of the website. I can say that for a basic website, the responsive design will increase the price$150. That amount increases as features of the website increase.

Total Website Cost with Major Components

   Personal Website Small Business Website  Ecommerce Website 
 Domain /Year  $15  $15  $15
 Hosting/Month  $10  $10  $10
 Basic Website Construction  $250-$400  $300-$500  $400-$700
 Mobile ( Responsive Design)  $150  $150  $300
 Total   $425-$575  $475-$675  $725-$1025



For a newbie, this can all be a bit confusing, which is why I always suggest to hire a professional who will develop the best website for you and also provide suggestions about features that can be usedto increase the value of the website and increase sales.

We all know that just developing a website doesn’t guarantee you will get a good amount of visitors or customers. Here is where marketing comes into play. Web marketing is a way to get more traffic on your website or spread the word about your website so users can found it easily. There are lots of ways to market a website online, such as social media marketing, paid advertising (PPC), video marketing and email marketing. Marketing will also help you to make your website better than your competitors’ websites.

I will not dig more into marketing here because we are discussing website development, but I just wanted you to be aware of that as an important part of making your website successful.

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