5 Mandatory Features in Handyman Website Design to Increase Business

Handyman_Website_designWebsites are becoming a main business source for handymen. Many handymen already have websites and those who don’t are looking into it since no one wants to leave behind an easy stream of customers.
In reality, however, not all websites get good business. Just building a contractor business website will not work, but having a fully functioning, attractive website will help get more leads.
To achieve this, we need to understand how websites attract visitors and how we can convert many visitors into clients. Search engines are the main sources of traffic on website, and search engine ranks mostly depend on information provided in the website. And the website itself should have the ability to turn that traffic into business. That totally depends on how well the website is designed.

Here we will discuss the top five features which make your handyman website better than others.

1. Handyman Services

A handyman can provide many services from plumbing to cleaning, but each handyman usually has some expertise in a particular service. Writing all services in a services section on your website with complete details will be good for both visitors and search engines. If any user searches for a particular service that is listed in your services section, your chances of showing up in the search and getting a new customer will increase.

2. Service Price list

 Most handymen don’t list pricing on the website. The reason may be: 

  • The actual, total cost can only be given once all required work is known. 
  • The prices depend on how much a particular buyer can give. 

But you will be surprised to know thousands of people search for “Handyman Prices” every month. Why lose those potential customers? Instead of listing exact service prices. it’s better to give a price range with a note at the end stating that prices are subject to change according to the required work. This results in more website traffic, which we can convert into customers.

3. Handyman License

It’s not required in all states, but it’s always good to get a License before starting handyman or contractor work. Everybody wants to hire an expert and legal person. The license will show that the government deemed you proficient in this service and gave you a license to work in this field. This will increase your credibility with customers so they are sure they are working with a reliable person.
I have seen very few handymen display license numbers on their websites. In my opinion, it’s good to indicate your license number or image on your homepage or service page so visitors can check it.

4. Service Area

 It will help to specify all locations you can service. People search with location, like “Handyman in [searcher’s location].” Indicating all areas of your city or out of town will help. However, don’t just write that you complete services in a whole city. Instead, write all areas in the city.
That’s the difference between search engines and humans. Humans understand the meaning of “whole city,” but our target gets good rank on maximum keywords and search engines give priority to those web pages which have the exact area name for which people are searching.Handyman_Website

5. Testimonials

Testimonials from old clients will always increase credibility. Now a days, the video testimonial trend is increasing. That’s good in two ways: we can show them testimonials on our website and we can also use those videos for website marketing on video networks like YouTube.
But don’t forget to also list text testimonials on the website. When you ask a client for a testimonial, you may want to ask them to write or speak about a specific point, such as affordable pricing, expert service, working in a timely manner, etc. People want to know about these things before hiring a handyman. 

Remember that just making a website doesn’t assure you that you will get loads of customers. It really depends on the following:

  • Does your website have the capability to convert a visitor into a customer? 
  • Does it answer all questions of the visitor? 
  • Does your website have all the information to satisfy the buyer that he is working with the perfect person for his needs?

A good web designer always thinks about these things during website development because these features can turn your handyman website into an outstanding business website.

We always take care of all the features to help the website get ranked and get maximum queries.

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