HANDYMAN_BUSINESS_TIPSThe exponentially increasing pace of life is making it beyond plausible for people to keep their home up and running with their own two bare hands. As a consequence, the need of professionals has been going through the roof in the recent years because people do not want to live in a place which is barely holding up especially when they do not lack coins. So, if you are comfortable and confident around tools and can nail a shelf good enough to prevent it from falling on a kids head during earthquake, then do not worry about demand of market and just hop in with these heads up!


1. How to select a Handyman Business Name?
First impression is the last impression”, though heard around a many times, we hardly ever pay heed to the saying. You can always change the impression when you are present in person to do so. But when you are introducing yourself through an advertisement, flyer or even a poster, that piece of frame and the words on it, are your only advocate. So you need to do real good in this area, or you won’t get a call from a prospective customer to do all the explaining.

Always go for a name that is easy to remember and common man friendly! It should not focus on any particular class of people. The name should not be mundane and it should be catchy enough to ring the bell! As soon as you decide a good name, you need to find the most out reaching and affordable ways for advertising so that you can pitch out the work of your creative mind to the people who actually matter!

Yellow pages are the revelation and you must start from their by booking an ad. Direct mails are also catching up and you can use them to address the real estate agents who can major sources for such contracts. Do not aim fancy newspaper because they are not affordable by all. Advertise in local free newspaper because you need to spread the fever locally before you go viral nationally! Libraries and super markets are excellent locations for your flyers. You should always keep an eye out for the ripe time. A good stunt or major advertising should go out during the season changes because during such times, people have too many works they need to be get done like shutting off outside water spouts during winter, cleaning gutters, weather-proofing the home and cleaning air ducts.

2. How to get Handyman License?
Reviewing the state board of contractors and deciding the kind of license you need is a must. The area you specialize in and the amount of experience you have in the field mainly decides your license. General contractor’s license is not an essential for all the states for starting the work. Some states require you to take a handyman license test and that mainly covers issues of business and law. You need to contact the board and schedule the test. Attending seminars and studying board recommended code books should be very helpful in the preparation of the test. You should read the application carefully to keep the things in order, bring all your material and pass the test to get the license.

3. What handyman Business insurance covers?
You can go for full or part insurance depending on the extent of work and capital invested. It generally covers any damage that has occurred in respect to your employees, property and also equipment. In case you deal with sale of handyman equipment, then it is very important to get your whole stock insured for protection against destruction and theft. You should always compare quotes before settling for the insurance. The pay back rate of the insurance firm should also be checked so that you can get an easy claim over your money when faced by such unpleasant circumstances. It is not required to stick to one insurance for your life time. If you get a better competitive price, then you should always switch to the better option.

4. Where to get Best Handyman Business Card Templates?
Business cards should always be classy, professional but down to earth. There are many websites Like PrintBusinessCards.com, which will give you ample of decent choices with regard to card templates. You must already be aware of the taste of the people within your perimeter. Accordingly, you can choose the card that can address that crowd. If there is any particular kind of work that you are good at, then you should put that out explicitly but briefly in your card. You should not fake or state such services that you will not be able to provide.

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