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In this technology-oriented world, a website is required for a handyman to represent his services and attain more clients. A professional website always creates authority in its niche, which results in more and more business. We develop those authority handyman websites.

We design innovative and custom websites that fit your needs. With10 year of experience in handyman website construction, we know all the requirements, what people search for and how to get your website on high rankings in search engines.

During design, we take care of all sections, such as Listing services, price list, testimonials, location of services, handyman license, experience portfolio and FAQs, which are all things a user wants to look at before selecting a handyman. We also provide rich content for the website, which helps with converting the user into a client by engaging the user and answering all questions.

With eye catching and professional design, we use the best on-page Search Engine Optimization techniques to help websites increase search engine rankings. Since search engines are no doubt a top source of traffic. we take care of everything from meta tags to clean code so the search engines can clearly understand and rank the website.

In today’s world, we can’t create a website without connecting it to social networks. We put social sharing buttons on all required places on the website so the user can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkdin etc. with just one click.

Many web design companies require extra money for doing SEO and adding social networking features. We, however, know that SEO and SMM make the website complete, so we don’t charge extra.

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