How Google Analytics can help you to understand your Market and improve your HVAC website.

HVAC-Website-Google-Analytics Google Analytics is an essential way to monitor and track the effectiveness of your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) website and also to learn new methods to enhance marketing efforts for your HVAC site. It doesn’t matter whether your HVAC business is big or small, Google Analytics will always help you in providing right statistics about number of individuals visiting your site. In addition to this, it will also help you in giving the overview of how many new visitors have checked the website to know about your service. To be clear, you can measure the online traffic of your site and make necessary changes to improve your marketing strategy. Google analytics is an ideal choice for HVAC marketers because it easily adapts to any budget, be it small or big.


Let us now peep into top 5 features of Google analytics, along with their advantages.

1. Track your Audience

Online marketing is all about targeting your potential customers. Google Analytics help you find out where your targeted customers is heading to and coming from. It Cleary shows you How many Visitors coming From Search Engines, Through Any Referral Website or Directly. Which will also help you to understand from which keywords your website getting traffic and from which search engines. In simple words, this feature will let you know about the web pages online users are going through before and after visiting your HVAC business website. In this way, you will be able to understand the behavior of the audience and the strong and weak points in your website, which in turn would help you make the necessary changes and optimize your HVAC website as per the changing trends.

2. Analyze Your Social Penetration

Considering today’s social media platform, which is highly agile and broad, Google decided to include this new feature. The feature of social analytics lets you assess your online marketing’s involvement or penetration into social platform. Using this feature, you will be able to access your HVAC business website marketing performance in various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Through a single dashboard, you will be able to analyze the ROI of your social media marketing.

3. Assessment of Link Building Campaigns

Google Analytics comes loaded with the feature of assess the effectiveness of your link building marketing strategy by creating customized campaign URLs. In other words, it would let you to track down the effectiveness of your social media buttons. Though it will not help you know about new users, but by analyzing the total hits on your social media buttons you would be able to make your online marketing campaign more effective for your HVAC business. You will be able to place the buttons in the areas where customer density is more.

Google-Analytics-Conversion-Campaigns4. Business Conversions

This is by far the most effective feature of Google Analytics. It helps you know about the exact figure of leads and conversions, which in turn provide you a clear picture of your overall HVAC marketing campaign. Through this feature, you will get to know about the areas you need to improve. This feature also shows the amount of sales (Or Contact Form Submission) generated through different sources in the current month. It also lets you to compare the sales figure of any two time periods.

5. Mobile Technology and Browsers

This feature of Google Analytics helps you to get a clear picture of the traffic driving towards your HVAC website. It means that you will be able to know the percentage of visitors using different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. Along with, it also helps you know how many visitors are visiting your HVAC web page through mobile devices like Android and iPhone. Therefore, you can analyze the data to understand the nature of visitors, which would make it easy for you to frame better strategies.

As we know Google has 70% Searches among all search engines, So it provide almost accurate data. Also Due to its Graphical interface it becomes more easy to understand the stats. And the best part is It free.

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