How to Market Handyman website With Google plus

marketing-Handyman-Website-With-google-PlusLike we know, a Handyperson or Handyman is skilled personnel who can perform wide range of maintenance and repairs, usually around the home. Now, considering the rapid rise in the demand for homes in both urban and sub-urban region around the world, demand for these professionals has really got higher.

Nevertheless, it has also added more numbers of Handyman contractors in the business, only to add up to the already existing competition. So, if you are a handyman, or run a Handyman Company then you would really like to know how to beat the heat of the competition. Through this article, we will let you know how to utilize the platform of Google plus to market your Handyman website.

But, what is Google Plus?

In simple words, Google Plus is a social networking platform from Google, and it comes loaded with features like User Profiles, Business pages, Communities, Picasa, Circles, Hangouts, and Sparks. Currently, the platform boasts of about 500 million signed up users, with almost half of them remain active in any given month. Now, this very fact makes Google+ a very lucrative platform to market your handyman business. Now, let’s see how to utilize it.

Get Started by Creating Google Plus Profile

The first step is to sign up for a Google plus account, which can be done through your Gmail account. Now, it is the time to build a proper profile that can entice your targeted audiences. You need to empower your Google plus account with information related to your Handyman business, and ‘About Us’ is the most appropriate place to use it for. In this page, you need to explain your business in a clear way, without using too many words. However, make sure to use important keywords like handyman work, home remodeling handyman, roof repair handyman, handyman services, etc. You can also add your website’s URL on this page. But, it would be better if you link back to certain pages that are more important and have the potential to convert online visitors into customers. In addition, do not forget to add contact details of your business, which includes – phone number, email address, fax number, physical address of your handyman office, etc.

Utilize Visual Content

Text is mundane these days, and online users do not have enough time to read tons of words to understand or get an idea of something. This is the reason why you should use images and videos related to your business in your Google Plus account. You can upload videos of your services portfolio showing the types of services you provide, or photos of your past project. You can also purchase related photos from various photo stock websites or use the free ones, as per your budget. However, do not add too many photos or videos as it would ruin away the overall look of your Google Plus profile. Most importantly, do not forget to link the photos and videos with your Handyman Contracting Website. After all, it is all about directing the audience to your website.

Build a Google Community

Creating-google-Plus-CommunityConnecting to the audience is quite necessary, and communities are the best places to make it happen. By taking part in the appropriate conversations that take place in the communities, you will be able to reach more number of people and tell them about your Handyman services. Google Plus Shared Circles offer a huge database of such communities, which can be used to get details about communities related to handyman services. On the other hand, you can also create your own community that should represent your company, and it can be used to assist others with issues related to handyman. You can also keep your audience interested by offering tips on home repair, roof repair, and other handyman tips. The main point is to keep the community informative and interesting. So, it should be fun as well.


Incorporate Google Plus Button

The plus (+1) button is really important as it allows users to vote on something they like; and, when someone hits the plus button, everyone is the circle can see it, which means more visibility and exposure for your handyman business. So, empower your handyman business site with the Google Plus button.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are perhaps the most common and effective tool for categorization, which is not only popular on Twitter but on Google Plus as well. By using hashtags on photos, videos, and text, you can make your profile more visible to other users in the network. And, once your content starts getting popular, it will surely drive more traffic towards your handyman website.

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