Need a Website for My Business? Why and How

image6Many business owners always wonder if their business requires a website. I will help you understand why it’s necessary.

If we need a service or product in today’s world, we search for it online first because it’s the easiest way to find information. This can be a cleaner, gift, food item, ticket availability, clothes, home products, phones, or product reviews. Even when we write our resumes, we search the format online first. The list is endless. Even if we can’t find the good/service online, the web still helps us figure out where to find the information we’re looking for. There’s no need to call friends, check directories or talk with neighbors. People also search online to get ideas and find information on just about anything you could imagine.

Surveys say that there are 1 billion searches done by people per day on Google alone. Another more eye-opening survey states that 60% of buying decisions for products and services are made online.

Now, I am sure things are becoming clearer to you. People are searching for everything we can think of. Yeah, you read that right—everything. So does your business niche fall into the “everything” category? Surely it does. So, yes, you need a website.


Importance of Website in Business:

There are many profits of having a website of your business. Like,

1.  24/7 – 365 Days Availability – Your business will be up and running each minute through your website, even when you are sleeping or traveling. People can browse your website anytime and buy your product or services.

2.  Complete Source of Information – Just share your website URL with potential customers or friends and they will browse information about your whole business, including services, experience, portfolio and contact details. There’s no need to provide this information in brochures, etc. 

3.   Convert Potential clients – Just as you convince your clients verbally when doing business offline, you can do the same online. With your website, everything is in your hands. You can provide information in a way which generates credibility. Try to answer all the questions a potential client might have by listing all your services, providing samples/examples of previous work, providing client testimonials and including an FAQ section. And then with a perfect contact us page, you can easily help the visitor make up their mind to use your service or products.

4.  Branding – You will have complete control of your website. You can design it in your own way with a unique logo, website colors, specifications, etc. This will help your business serve as your brand. You can only effectively do this with your website—nowhere else, not even Facebook or HubPages.

5.  Search Engine Traffic – Effective websites get good traffic from search engines. If people search Google for specific requirements and your related website comes up in the results, you’ll get more and more visitors on your website, which your website can convert into customers. A website is necessary to get traffic from search engines.

6.  Less Expensive Marketing – You can easily market or advertise your website (and business) online, which is much cheaper than offline marketing. There are many affordable advertising networks that provide a wide range of options for all business niches.

Many companies get more business online through their websites than they do from their offline shops or offices, especially because websites provide the convenience of searching for information online.


Does My Local Business Need a Website?

Take the following example into consideration. What if a local dentist has no presence online? If I need a dentist, I’d just go on Google and search for dentists in my location.

Within a second, I’d get more than enough search results. I could see their websites, check their services, read reviews, easily contact them, schedule an appointment and get the office directions through online maps on their websites. That’s how easy it is to search for local services. The dentist with no online presence is obviously missing out on many opportunities to get new customers.

This applies for all services since most of us now search on the web to find services, whether locally or globally.


We Can Help

Yes, we can help you to build a website. Just tell us about your requirements or business, and we will make a perfect website, which will surely increase your business. 

Contact us for a free consultation.

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