6 Must-Have Features for Successful Plumbing Website Design

plumbing-website1Almost each home or office calls a plumber at least once a year. There is a huge market for plumbers but
also no shortage of plumbing companies. So to look different from the crowd, your plumbing company
needs to look more professional and creative in order to attract customers. And the same applies to
plumber websites.

Perhaps plumbers have little knowledge about website development, but they do know which information
is convenient and useful for customers, so why not apply that to a website?

Today we will discuss six major aspects of websites which help you to get more projects.

1. Labor and Material Guarantee – Customers give more importance to those products or services with
a good guarantee period. Many plumbers don’t give any guarantee, some give material guarantee but
not labor, and few give labor and material guarantee both for a year or two. However, many plumbers
forget to list this on the website.

Including a guarantee on the website increases chances of being selected by a visitor. This also shows
that the plumber is confident about his work and knows there is almost no chance of any damage after
his work. The guarantee also assures the user that if a problem occurs, he won’t need to pay again
within the guarantee period. So it’s a win-win situation for both. 

2. Company and Team Information – Plumbing website construction is a little bit different than a
business website. Since plumbers provide service in users’ personal space and around families, it is
important to assure the user that the client-facing staff is courteous and very professional.

To show this, we can list some of these things on the website:

  • Company team in uniform and badges (If available) to show professionalism.
  • Education of plumbers; write if they passed any plumbing courses.
  • Drug and alcohol free members as you need to work with users’ families.
  • Plumbing van or vehicle picture.
  • Government plumbing license.

These are just few ideas. If you have anything else in mind please list that too. You need to assure your
users that they are working with the right contractor. 

3. Creative Logo – Plumbing companies are always serious about the company logo because it is a
symbol of your brand. It should describes your company and be easy to remember, like the McDonald’s
logo. The same logo from your website should be used for all other areas that show your name, like
painting on your van, business cards, print marketing, etc. A perfect logo that looks good in both small
and big size works well. Also colors that look good in any type of media are required.

Yes, logo designs do cost a bit, but think about how it will reflect your brand for the entirety of the
company’s life. Work with a good designer to share your thoughts about the company and logo so he
can understand your requirements and design a creative and catchy logo.

4. Interactive Content – The content of whole website should look like the owner of company is talking.
It makes the user feel like he will be working with a loyal person, who knows the work and also cares
about users’ requirements.

Let’s look at an example. Many people don’t want to work with big companies; they want to work with
a small one because they think they can communicate well with small company team and they feel like
they can relate to them better. Writing in an interactive way will also show users that they are hiring a
friendly natured team.

Interactive images also work well because the user connects the owner with those pictures. Tell your
designer to use effective images.

5. Add Phone Number – Adding the phone number at the end of your service page, guarantee page,
contact page and company info page will raise the probability of contact. As we are convincing the user
in each page, adding a phone number at the end will encourage visitors to call quickly. Another good
place to add phone number is in the header since it will show on the top of each page. That also helps
users make up their mind about contacting the company.

6. Show Latest Technologies or Process of Plumbing – Many plumber use latest technologies to check
for and repair problems, such as using video cameras for inspecting the problem in a pipeline. Writing
about your latest technologies and techniques that set you apart from other plumbing companies will
always boost the confidence of users.

Lastly, it is always important to hire an experience plumbing web designer so he already knows the
requirements of your website. And it’s better to list out these points to him so he provide all these
features in the website for more business.

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