Top 4 factors – How to design Search Engine Friendly Roofing Website

Roofing-SEOIt’s been quite a few years and people still have numerous questions associated with web pages, and most of them are related to results of the search engines. Especially, small business owners like roofers or electricians are unable to figure out the roofing website SEO stuff. Well, a quick check to the website will reveal whether the web page created is search engine friendly or not. This article will provide you relevant information to design a roofing website that is successful and search engine friendly. Following are four factors to build a SEO roofing website, have a look.

1. Adding text to flash, images and videos

The primary aspect of search engines that you ought to know is about their software, it basically can read the text part only. Text here means the ordinary, plain and unadulterated text associated with roofing business; and not the text which is embedded in any image or in any Flash file. Though it is right that few search engines can scan flash files, one cannot make an assumption that all information will be obtained by them. The fact however is that only Google local search position can handle it, and that too when the links embedded are straightforward.

2. Validate HTML code

Validating basically means ensuring that the given HTML codes have no errors. The errors here do not refer to the grammar or spelling errors, they refer to HTML codes used to format the web page of the roofing website. You can write the HTML code all by yourself, or you can use web editor like Nvu, KompoZer or Dreamweaver; however it is always a good decision to run the code through CSS and HTML validators. The search engines generally do not care whether the HTML codes provided are error free or not, they only require the correct codes for the roofing business marketing purpose.

3. Create appropriate title tags

Roofing-optimization-tipsMajority of the search engines give extra credit to the text that appears in HTML title tag on your roofing website. Search engines usually make use of the tag part as an algorithm to interpret everything about your page. The roofing site ranking can also be improved with the title tag. Many individuals actually don’t bother to give a meaningful title; they only give the roofing website name as a title tag for every web page. For instance, a page is describing about an ABC product, then the title tag of that page should be ABC features or so. However, if the website name is important, then you can go or a title tag: ABC Features- ABC Company.

4. Usage of straight HTML links on roofing website

If you want to advertise roofing services through a website, make sure you are not ditching over the flash files or JavaScript codes. Rather, provide simple ways so that the search engines can easily visit every single page of your roofing website. Just put few simple or plain HTML links to your web pages that have linking to other pages of the website. In addition, there should also be an addition of the site map to the roofing website with a direct link to the main page. This will help the search engines and other visitors to visit your site even without Flash or JavaScript facilities. 

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