Top 5 Business Directories for Local Contractor Business Website

Business-Directories-for-Local-Contracting-BusinessBe it summer or winter season, people always need some kind of improvement for their home. Fortunately, local contractors are always there to provide any kind of service related to home improvement, such as house Plumbing, flooring installation, roofing installation, etc. Nevertheless, when it comes to online marketing somehow local contractors find it tough to deal with. However, there are some easy ways through which they can grow their business effortlessly. Well, we are talking about online business directories. Through this article, we will help you understand the prime benefits of using online directories for the purpose of local contracting business marketing. In addition, we will also let you know about the top 5 business directories online.

Exposure is the most appropriate word that can used to describe the key advantage of using online business directories for contractor website marketing. If some person is searching for a local contractor who can fix damaged electrical wires or flooring tiles then he or she will obviously seek help from any online business directory; and if you have already enlisted your local contracting business is prominent business directories like Google+ Local and Yahoo! Local then chances are quite high that your business will get spotted. Business directories also help improve the search engine rank of your website. Yes, when you enlist your HVAC or any local contracting business in any online directory then it basically creates a link back to your website, which in turn increases the traffic rate of your local contracting website. In addition, if your business is able to garner some positive testimonials and reviews on sites like Bing Local and Yelp then it would be an added advantage.

1. Google+ Local

This online business directory is definitely the most popular one and it offers numerous Google local marketing options to advertize your local contracting business. It lets you to post images and publish reviews of your business. You can post some recent pictures of your local contracting projects, which will let people to understand your company in a better way. On the other hand, when online users hunting for local contractor companies will come across your company’s positive reviews then it would add more importance to your business. The platform of Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ Local are connected to each other, which means that it will help you get recommended when someone in your local area would look for such services through Google Maps or Even Search Engines.

2. Yelp

Being one of the fastest growing online business directories, Yelp is definitely improving its features every now and then. At present, the number of business reviews at Yelp is more than 42 millions. Apart from tracking and responding to reviews, it also allows you to post business deals to attract new customers. Yelp allows online users to find events, which means that you can organize some kind of workshop or any other event for your local contracting business, such as how to repair broken tiles, how do make connections of electrical wires, etc. This way, people will be able to spot your business more easily. Yelp also allows small businesses to post ads, and in return you have to pay a nominal fee.

3. Yahoo! Local

Yahoo! Local comes in two different versions – Basic Listing and Enhanced Listing. If you do not wish to spend money on Enhanced Listing then go for the Basic version that offers features like post photos/contact information/address. It also lets you to enlist your local contracting business website URL in up to five categories. So, with all these features you will definitely be able to target your potential customers and real-estate companies more easily.

google-yahoo-bong-loca--contractors4. Bing Local

Bing is an excellent option for the Smartphone users to find just anything instantly. Therefore, if you enlist your local contracting business in Bing Local then people will be able reach you or contact you in an instant. Recently, Bing Local came up with numerous features like A Mobile Listing, Special Deals, A QR Code, Additional Users, and Custom Menus. Bing Local is absolutely free, and it lets you to post your company’s profile, contact information, and special deals you have, if any.

5. Foursquare

The most striking aspects of Foresqaure are the advantage of geo-location and real time interaction, which in allow you to get in touch with real customers in real time! In addition, it also allows you to engage your customers with updates, monitor foot traffic through analytics, and take control of your listing. With over 35 million users on Foursquare, it certainly seems reasonable to enlist your local contracting company and let everybody know about your business.

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