Website Design Features

one time feeOne Time Fees

Most web design companies require a monthly fee on top of the initial fee for website development, but we don’t. We only take a one-time fee from you and provide you with a turnaround time.

logo designLogo Design

We will design the perfect logo for your website. You can also supply your logo if you already have one.

cmsContent Management System

Our robust, secure, and easy-to-navigate content management system (CMS) will give you the power to manage website content, structure, etc. with password-controlled administrator capabilities. Some of the main features include:

  1.  You can add as many as pages or content you want. With Images, Videos with Complete Visual Editor.
  2. Add as many pages or content as you want with images and videos with a complete visual editor.
  3. Manage(edit/delete) content from the website, including the home page and all inner pages.
  4. Manage the structure of the website.

ResponsiveDesignResponsive Design

We created a premium design with responsive features, which help visitors open the website on all screen sizes and from any device. The layout scale itself will fit on any screen resolution, so you will not lose potential customers using other devices like smartphones. As we all know, more and more users now get quick Internet access via the smartphone.

Note – We will create a Perfect Logo for your website too.

Portfolio GalleryPortfolio Gallery

Also called a showcase. We will use advance gallery system with Category Switcher. Main features of the portfolio system include:

  •  Responsiveness
  •  Image and video gallery option
  •  Group images Feature 
  •  Light box big image pop up option
  •  Option toadd a description to it

googlemapGoogle Map

On the Contact Us page, we will include a Google Map so your clients or potential clients can get your company location and easy directions.

NewsletterIntegrationNewsletter Integration

Creating a subscriber list is an extra source for clients. You can always earn from them by marketing new services or special offers. We integrate the best newsletter system with effective design and also setup all auto responding emails for you so you can email all of your subscribers with one click.

Traffic AnalyticsTraffic Analytics

We will integrate Google Analytics into your website you so you can analyze how your website is performing as well as take steps to improve it. It is a very easy to use and powerful system. Here are only a few benefits from using this feature:

  • Visitor location from  where they are browsing website
  • Source from which they found our website (search Engine, referral website or direct)
  • Average time they spend on the website.
  • Which device they are using
  • Keywords they used on search engines to find your website
  • Real-time analytics so you can see how many visitors are browsing your website right now

Search Engine Optimization Included

SearchEngineFriendlySearch Engine Friendly

With our 10 years of experience, we use almost all on-page optimization strategies, which make the website better for search engines, as well as for users. We deeply understand that just a website without traffic is nothing and that search engines are the main source. Below is a list of a few main SEO techniques we use:

  • Meta title, description and keyword tags on all pages
  • Best heading tags like H1,H2,H3.
  • Keyword-optimized content
  • Images with attributes like Alt tag and title, sosearch engines can read the image too.
  • Interlinking of pages to increase browsing of visitor
  • XML Sitemap for search engines with auto Pinging to major search engines

SearchEngineSubmissionSearch Engine Submission

We submit all websites on major search engines so they can immediately start indexing the website and start getting traffic. Also, updates are automatically pinged so search engines know what changes have been made and index them. This is useful for getting results quickly.

Social Media Marketing Included

SocialMediaIntegrationSocial Media Integration

Social networks help businesses go viral. We will integrate all top social networks on every page of the website so users can share and spread them with one click. We will integrate all major social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +1 along withtop social bookmarking networks like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Delicious. With this, the website the maximum opportunity to spread and get more and more traffic from social media.

FacebookBusinessPageFacebook Business Page

Facebook gets 850 million users every month and 20% of page views on the whole web are on Facebook. We all know the power of Facebook; it’s king of all social media networks right now. We will create a professional and optimized business page on Facebook with history, showcase, services, etc listed. The main benefits are:

  • Anyone can “like” it and spread it to their friends and so on.
  • Users also highly search in Facebook for services; your optimized business page will have good rankingin the results and have a greater chance of getting visitors.

WebsiteIntroorPromotionVideWebsite Intro or Promotion Video

40% of online users love to watch instead of reading. Search engines like Google give great value to videos. For instance, YouTube videos mostly always show in Google results. We understand the value of video media and we will create a Professional and creative intro video of website and submit it to all the best video websites.

Local Marketing Included

SetupGooglePlacesSet up Google Places

When a user searches for a local service or small business, Google lists all of theGoogle Places results first. We will add your business to Google Places so users can easily find it. We will add photos, videos, services and much more as a convenience to the user. Also, by adding the website toGoogle Places, Google Maps will also show your location.

SetupYahooBingLocalSet up Yahoo/Bing Local

As with Google Places, we will add the website and your business on Yahoo! And Bing since they are also top search engines. We don’t want to miss any source of traffic.

Local Directories SubmissionLocal Directories Submission

We will add the website in top local directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Super Media and City Search. Users will be able to find you in these directories because a lot of users search in these directories and search engines give them a good rank. This will become another source of inquiries for you.

Blog Included

Blog Integration

BlogIntegrationContent is king, which means all search engines gives higher value to unique and fresh content. Websites that are updated regularly and provide useful information to users get value from search engines. Blogs are best way to update your website regularly for all small business owners. You can add tips related to your business, your experience, news, events, offers, etc.. The blog will also help to communicate with your users since users can comment on any post and you can reply to them.

Blog will help in:

  • Positioning you as an authority and expert
  • Increasing trust and credibility, which helsp with brand development
  • Increasing business network.
  • Making your website more powerful and traffic generating

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