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A blog can make a big difference in attaining more online presence than your competitors in search engines.


What You Expect From Your Website

Let’s start with the primary goal of designing a website: getting more business. Since 55% of all decisions for service/product selections are made based on information on the Internet, websites are becoming the best way to get business leads.

Are You Getting What You Expect?

Be honest—are you getting good business leads from your current website? The fact is that Most of website owners don’t get the results they expect. One of the main reasons website owners get little results or not enough leads is a lack of targeted traffic, which is usually a result of not having a good search engine ranking.
The real question is: why Most of the websites never get good Ranking on any keyword.
To Know that we need to understand Search Engine Basics.


What is the Key Factor for Getting Good Rankings on Search Engines?

To achieve good search engine rankings, it is important to understand search engine (Mainly Google) logics. Google wants to provide the best, most relevant, and latest results to users based on searched keywords. Most websites are not updated regularly or are only updated once a year at the most. Which means they are not providing up to date Information and solutions. And Very Few websites Updates regularly and provide Quality & Useful information regularly. So why Google Prefer un-updated websites, weather it has batter updated results to show. This is very basic reason.

How will a blog Help With Achieving Good Search Engine Rankings and Targeted Traffic?

Q: How we can add Useful and Quality content regularly on website and target more keywords?
The Answer is With a Blog.

1blogBlog Fulfills Very Basic and Fundamental Requirement of Search Engines Ranking Logics. By Adding Blog you can write on as many information related to your product or services like tips, reviews, news, advice etc on Different Articles and Categories. Which means you can provide regular useful information in Niche related areas in your website. And When any website adds the latest, most relevant and useful content for users on a regular basis, the search engines categorize the site as an “authority website,” which means it is trusted more by the search engine and given higher placement in search results.

The other point to consider is that you can’t target many keywords with only a few pages on the website. With a blog, you can target many Niche keywords including Main and Secondary keywords and add quality articles to get good search engine rankings and better traffic from various keywords. The best part is that it is targeted traffic, which means it will help your business sales. This gives you the opportunity to choose the best keywords that you think will enhance your leads and create articles based on these keywords.

Why is Blog Integration Better than Any Other SEO Technique?

Some of you may have already heard about the Google Panda and Penguin updates, which have affected every site negatively or positively. However, very few people know the exact purpose of these updates, which is really to get the high quality content at the top of search engine rankings and remove content that is low quality and/or uses black hat SEO techniques.
As discussed earlier, using a blog adds quality content to your website regularly, which means that it automatically reduces your competition and gets you good rankings on search engines.

Please read what Google SEO Head Says:

Google Search Algorithm always awards websites with good search engine rankings” as long as they are “focused on high quality content and provide useful information to users.
Matt Cutts
(Head of the Google SEO and WebSpam Team)

There are many other hidden advantages that come from integrating a blog: 

  • Having a blog that you regularly update connects you with peoples and results in more traffic.
  • Adding more content to your website increases chances a search engine has to direct to one of its pages. 
  • With a blog, you have a lot of content to market on social media; you can share these posts on your social media pages, community, and profiles to get more results while positioning  yourself as an authority or thought leader in your niche.
  • Good content on your websites means more people will share it on social media, which helps with going viral.
  • Blogs help with creating subscriber lists, which are of long-term value to any business.
  • Taking advantage of comments and trackbacks creates interaction and conversation among your visitors and users.
  • Regularly updating your blog shows your readers that you are committed as well as builds a following from your readers, resulting in repeat visits and referrals.
  • Publishing blog RSS feeds encourages more people to list them on their websites and gets you even more traffic.

Blogging Facts

A lot of research has been done to measure the difference between blog integrated websites and non-blog websites. According to recent surveys:

  • 61% of online consumers in the US have purchased something based on information and reviews provided in a blog.
  • 57% of businesses have gained customers from company blogs.
  • 9% of businesses say they have seen an improvement in lead generation as a direct result of blogging.
  • Internet users in the US spend triple the time on blogs than on email.
  • An estimated 346 million people worldwide read blogs.
  • 81% of big companies claim that blogs are essential to their business.
  • Websites with 500-1,000 web pages generate six times more leads than websites with 100 pages or less.

Sources: HubSpot, FacyBrowsers, Copyblogger survey’s.

Case Studies –

Please check details on research done by us, on the impact of blogs in website search engine rankings. In These Case Studies we researched on Competitive niches by checking First page Google Websites, Weather they have a Blog or not.

You will be Amazed to know 90% of Google First Page Websites has Blog in Competitive niches.

Based on the statistics and points discussed above, it is clear that integrating a blog into your website significantly increases your chances of generating leads and outperforming competitors.
If you are interested in integrating a blog into your website, please keep reading.

Who We Are & How We Can Help

about-us1A team comprised of a niche research, web marketer, SEO optimizer, writer, and web designer will design and integrate a professional blog that coincides with the overall theme and look of your website. Our main goal is to increase the value of your website in search engines by adding informative and quality content in the form of a blog.

We will research your niche and identify your target buyer/customer community to find the main and most effective targeted keywords that are relevant to searches done by people who would buy the products or service you provide. We also determine what else buyers look for when searching in order to take advantage of those related and less competitive keywords. Our writer then creates articles with unique, informative, and quality content targeting those keywords. Next, our designer will integrate a fully featured blog that resembles your website design. Lastly, our SEO expert will apply all search engine optimization techniques to the articles on your blog for successful results.

Our team also links and connects your products or services to appropriate, relevant places on your blog so users can redirect to those web pages for effective monetization.
As an example of an effectively integrated blog, please visit our live blog:

What our Clients says


Anton Nelson
Investment Management Firm

Thanks for Interactive Blog, Its working as Lead Booster for us and ranking of Website getting batter and batter.

View The Blog


Erica Cox
Prom Dresses Store

Our Blog Worked above our expectation, We are getting Laser targeted traffic.

View The Blog


Richard C. Hicks
Sydney Electrical Contractors

Hardworking, Creative and Experienced team, you can leave everything on them and they will come up with best output.

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Blog Features

Below is a list of a few main blog features that we will integrate into your website.

Integrate WordPress Blog 

World’s Best Blog Platform will be integrated in your website. Over 17% Websites are powered by WordPress due to its powerful features and easy Navigation.

Fully Features CMS

Your Blog will have Robust Management system, which will allow you to manage everything with just few clicks. No Technical Knowledge required managing your Blog.

Quality Content

Content is King, We will add 5+ Unique, Informative, SEO Optimized articles targeting your niche Keywords which will increase your website Search Engine Rankings.

Multimedia Supported

Yeah Our Blog will support Multimedia, So you can also Publish Images, Videos, Audios, even you can create Gallery with Drag and drop Management Features.

Built in Comment Features

This feature provides a space to engage users, where users can comment and start discussion on Blog post. Surely You have complete control over all comments.

Newsletter Integration

We all know value of Subscribers, They all are Potential buyers and you can cash them whole life. We will integrate Newsletter system, so users can subscribe blog for updates & news.

Professional Blog Design

We will design the blog in a way so it resemble with your Website and look as a part of website. Almost just like a Blog in this Website.

Search Engine Optimized

Blog will be completely search engine optimized. We will design it with best SEO Practice by using almost all Google Webmaster Guidelines. We Know SEO is Must for any blog.

Social Media Integration

Social Media becoming second biggest source of Traffic. We will integrate one click Social Sharing Buttons, So users can quick share any of Article or whole blog with one click.

Blog integration is one of the smartest investments you can make to take your website to the next level. Our experienced team is ready to create your blog as a critical tool for increasing traffic and leads.

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We offer a variety of pricing options to coincide with your business budget. The price for our blog integration with quality content starts as low as $150.

Since all businesses have unique requirements, each website blog is different. Please let us of know your website URL and get a quote by filling out this form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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